Side Effects Of Planting Eyelashes

What are the side effects of planting eyelashes? With the continuous development of the medical plastic industry, planting eyelashes is a minimally invasive surgery, the operation of a short time, no pain, fast recovery, good effect, etc., by many female friends. So, eyelash planting has no side effects?

Before learning about the false eyelash effects, let’s take a look at the principle of planting false eyelashes. Eyelashes are obtained by surgical removal of part of the healthy hair follicle tissue from the back of the patient’s head (typically 40-50 on each side Can), using microscopic techniques to separate the hair follicles and hair follicles, and then according to certain rules of the hair follicles planted planting eyelashes to be the site. Surgery is the use of autologous hair transplantation for eyelash transplantation, planting eyelashes derived hair follicles, single-root transplant.

Eyelash planting side effects:

1, the eyes are extremely sensitive organ, in the process of planting eyelashes, prone to infection, which induced skin, eye allergy, eye inflammation, redness.

2, eyelashes root is a perspiration organ, false eyelashes paste in the root of the eyelashes will affect the pores perspiration and cause sty, swollen eyelids.

3, operator and tool disinfection is not in place, easy to form cross-infection, severe infection of hepatitis B, conjunctivitis.

4, grafted eyelashes easy to fall off, or even reduce the original eyelashes are less and less.

Any surgery has a certain risk, eyelash planting surgery to the regular medical institutions to do, usually need 2-3 surgery to achieve the perfect result. Usually regular beauty institutions can do eyelash transplantation, experts and their side effects can be completely avoided. Since some of the false eyelashes are made directly from chemicals and the eyes are extremely sensitive organs, infections can easily occur during the grafting of eyelashes, causing skin and eye irritation, inflammation and redness. In addition, the eyelashes root is sweaty organs, false eyelashes attached to the root of eyelashes will affect the pores perspiration caused by swollen and eyelid swollen, we must pay attention.


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