Practical Guide To False Eyelashes

Practical Guide To False Eyelashes

If you are not satisfied with your eyelashes, but want to have a thick long eyelashes, this time, you need the help of 3d mink eyelashes. To know the use of false eyelashes is a trick, if you paste false eyelashes wrong way, then your eyelash effect will be fake. After all, how to paste 3d mink eyelashes it?
The first thing to do is to choose a effect more natural, here we suggest that you buy the entire pair of 3d mink eyelashes, because such a fake eyelashes more prominent. If you then with a cluster of false eyelashes, you can make your eyes become more structured.

Tip: False eyelashes root type of black, can make eyes more can not ignore the existence of sense; root transparent type of false eyelashes, occasionally lazy do not want to draw eyeliner, it will not look particularly abrupt.

Step 1: First, we must carefully look at their own eye type, and then according to their own eye shape of the prepared 3d mink eyelashes before and after the cut off part, and then also need to confirm the location of the eye head, the artificial eyelash trimmed into more ideal length. If the false eyelashes are too long, then the effect of the stickers will certainly look very natural, you can continue to trim, and finally can achieve the best false eyelashes effect.

Step 2: Next, we should put a good quality special glue on the 3d mink eyelashes, the best amount of glue is not too much. Wait until the adhesive is quick-drying, then bend the prepared false eyelashes so that it becomes more soft.

Step 3: When attaching false eyelashes must be as close as possible to the roots of real eyelashes, posted the effect will look more natural. After sticking but also with a cotton swab or hand press about 10 seconds, so you can fix the false eyelashes, but also allows true and false eyelashes fully kneaded together.
Tip: paste false eyelashes must be from the middle of the eye began to paste, and then is the eye with the end of the eye position.
When painting eye makeup, you need to come up with a more exquisite eyeliner, and then is the beginning of false eyelashes paste. Because if the false eyelashes are completely pasted up, it will not be possible to rebuild the eyeliner, but you can just paste the false eyelashes, the use of eyeliner or eyeliner to cover those dry adhesive white glue.

Step 4: eye shadow masking allows false eyelashes more natural
Upper eyelid position has been created to complete the false eyelashes, then use earth color eye shadow to simply cover the minor defects. If the false eyelashes fit the site does not look natural, then you can also choose a black eye shadow in the double eyelid folds fine focus on the key parts of the cover.
Then you can also use the eyeliner to gently draw a lower eyeliner line under the eyeliner, and then also use earth color eye shadow to blooming, like the shadow of the eyelashes on it.
The above is an introduction on the false eyelashes. According to the method described today to stick false eyelashes, your eyelashes will be able to get real beauty makeup effects. Expert tips, good quality false eyelashes, the makeup effect will be more realistic, so we have to choose to use a good quality 3d mink eyelashes


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