Why Choose Mink Eyelashes Instead Of Synthetic Eyelashes?

Why Choose Mink Eyelashes Instead Of Synthetic eyelashes?

Eyelashes have become an indispensable decoration in people’s daily life. More and more people are beginning to wear eyelashes. There are mainly two common eyelashes on the market, one is mink eyelashes made from Siberian mink hair, and the other is For synthetic eyelashes made of plastic and other chemical fiber materials, we found through market research that most customers choose Mink Lashes instead of synthetic eyelashes. Why?

wholesale lashes

Wholesale Lashes

eyelash box

Eyelash Box

Synthetic eyelashesare made of chemical materials. Not only are they of poor quality, they are also rigid in style, because they are different from human hair. They look very fake. The eyelash stalks are made of plastic and are very hard when worn. Chemical materials are harmful to the eyes, and long-term wearing can also cause harm to our body. This is very serious, so more and more customers start to choose Mink Eyelashes.

eyelash wholesale vendors

Eyelash Wholesale Vendors

private label eyelash packaging

Private Label Eyelash Packaging

Shiseido Lashes is a professional manufacturer of mink eyelashes and Custom Eyelash Packaging. We only produce high-quality products. Our eyelashes are made by hand with high quality. Our eyelashes are made from the hair on the tail of a young Siberian mink. The hair in this part is the closest to human hair, because the mink is metabolized, and the hair on the tail will fall off automatically in a certain season. We will have professional workers to collect it and pasteurize it, and then experience it. Rich workers are placed one by one.

lash vendors usa

Lash Vendors Usa

eyelash packing box

Eyelash Packing Box

Our Mink Eyelashes are of very good quality. They are 100% Siberian Mink Eyelashes. Not only are they of very good quality, they are also natural in style. Our eyelash stems are made of high-quality pure cotton thread, which is very soft and strong. It is really comfortable to wear. Our eyelashes can be washed and reused 20-25 times. It is a real high-quality product.

eyelash custom packaging

Eyelash Custom Packaging

Not only do we have high-quality mink eyelashes, our Customized Eyelash Packaging is also very popular, we have more than 100 kinds of box styles, you can print anything you want, our logo and brand name are laser printed, not stickers , So the waterproof effect is particularly good, it is a real high-quality product!

eyelash package box

Eyelash Package Box

If you want to start your Mink Eyelashes Business, if you have not found a trustworthy Eyelash Supplier, Shiseido Lashes is your best choice, welcome to contact us, let us work together to expand the Mink Eyelash Business!

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